Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dailies and Glider

WoWJones has two interesting articles, one asking if botting was okay in wake of the Glider banning (Glider is a botting program). The second asks if the 2.4 dailies have caused too much price inflation.

1) If you are botting, you are denying a RL person (or another botter!) the chance at earning that farmed material. For example recently my wife has been leveling through Nagard and skinning every "walking leather" she sees for me, so I can make my Heavy Clefthoof set (which is an amazing set for pre-kara druid tanking). If there were botters farming these, it would be much more difficult for me to progress, since I dont have enough gold to actually purchase the set. (My gold is being saved for epic healing gear)

2) I have noticed that the drop rate is dependant on how actively farmed the item is. It really does differ from day to day as far as I can see. For example, Elemental plateau. Sometimes the drop rate is one mote per kill (average), other times its 0.2 motes/kill.

3) They also recently nerfed Hunters with boar pets specifically, we hunters think that has a large degree due to the botting. With boars you would almost guarantee not to pull aggro, now you have to do alot of tricks and more actively manage your pet. Makes it difficult for botters.

All this says to me that Blizz is very serious about botters. I won't deny that their customer service does suck, and many people have been unfairly caught up in it. However, I want to be able to play the game too, and be able to get my clefthoof set. Its more difficult to do that when the drop rate is so low that thousands of clefthoof are required.

On the other hand (and this was your point I think), I see the poor rationale in banning people who bring much needed supplies into the game now that we have much more money at our disposal. My thought is that Blizz not only wants to make raiding easier, but they also want people who are leveling professions to spend more time in game acquiring the resources they need (in a legit fashion). It goes back to the time-sink philosophy - the more time they make casuals invest in the game, the more money they make.

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