Tuesday, June 17, 2008

pre-kara gear guide for resto druids


Better late than never?

I've been trying to gear up my druid for either tanking or healing. I've somewhat given up on the character. I have LW 375 but no epic set yet (i got the healing LW specialization), I have the gloves of living touch. In theory I could go heals (i'm feral now). I just can't find a group to save my life. Nobody, i mean nobody, does normal instances anymore unless its ramps or SP at low 60s. I can't get enough good gear to tank anything or heal anything.

Its a really nice thought to have this guide, but with endgame being the way it is, nobody wants to help people gear up. It's all heroics and kara now. I am in one of the largest guilds on the server (probably the largest, some 100 70s, 3 kara groups). Nobody runs these instances for any purpose, ever (on my server)....So good luck trying to gear up for raiding at this point unless you have very kind guildies willing to 4 man heroics for you.

I think basically people are doing heroics now soley. If you can't step foot into heroics, dont bother. I did do Heroic SP late late saturday night and got a ton of stuff, a nature resist LW pattern (extremely useful for SSC, not that anyone will run SSC now), a epic leg piece which my hunter had and is great for dps, some other stuff. But by and large, a) gear in heroics is pretty terrible (the blue gear that drops from bosses - the last boss tends to drop a epic now and again) b) You have to be geared to do the heroics, and I'm really not. I could barely do hSP (easiest one) , and certainly not in my intended role. So...good luck to people wanting to get stuff. Honestly the best thing is to tag along a kara clear for a T5/T6 geared guild.

That said, if you do the Windhawk Armor set, you get about 530 bonus +heal off the bat. You can gem with Unstable Sapphire (+9 heal/+4 spirit, purple gem) or Purified Shadow Pearl (same as above but +3 spell damage too), and Teardrop Living Ruby (+18 heal, red gem) (or just all TLR = 6 x 18 = 108 +heal). So about 640 +heal off the bat if you ignore socket bonuses. Gloves of living touch is +77 heals, so 720 +heal from those 4 pieces, and another +75 heal if you manage to get the heal enchants. Roughly 800 +heal from 4 pieces properly gemmed and enchanted. But right now I'm broke and the cost is something like 1000g each for mats (much less if you can farm ingredients of course).


TheBigBearButt said...

I've actually been getting tired of the guides, simply because we are gettng so close to Wrath, and most people exactly as you say are hitting 70 and having NOONE willing to run old regular content with them to gear up unless they are in a friends and family casual guild.

I'm thinking a more appropriate gear guide would be less a total guide then a "tips on what you can do without running old content to get gear appropriate for raiding serious shit."

Gibbiex said...

Thanks for the comments and the guide B3. My thoughts are that people wanting to gear up at 70 really need to have a guild willing to run them through kara as a almost useless toon. I did my first kara run two days ago and came out with 3 pieces, one of which was an upgrade, the other two were probably sidegrades. However, I started with 5 epic pieces that I crafted or bought, and 1000 +heal. (So i wasn't completely useless, just mostly). Luckily we had a few people in T6 gear which helped a huge amount (I really think I was not essential, the tank never went below say 80% health).

There is a metric ton of healing gear in kara, if not all leather (actually all my stuff was cloth). Throw in the 2 T4 tokens (and we druid should probably grab 2 sets of em), and I can see gearing up to mostly epics within a month of kara.

Oh, my latest PUG attempt? 2 palys, a warrior, me (resto), hunter. They then realized they had no tank. I left in disgrace before it got started.