Monday, June 16, 2008

Raiding hiatus

I decided its time to step back from raiding for a bit. I got some good news regarding a job prospect in North Carolina, and really need to focus on selling the house, moving, finishing up my current project, transitioning said project, etc. Anyway that will happen next week since I already signed up for stuff this week. I did receive another piece of nice BT loot last night (we got shade down, so are 3/8 in BT). I plan to do the Naaru heroics tonight, Tue night return to BT, Wed out with friend, Thur Mag's lair (should be an hour or so of raiding). Fri/Sat off, Sun last raid on BT. I'd certainly like to see Illidan down, but will have to wait until after I move to NC most likely.

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