Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Too much WoW!

Argh. Gonna have to face it you're addicted to WOW. I think 90% of players are addicts and can't help but play every day. However at this point in my life I need to focus much more on my career and finishing my projects so my wife and I can move together. If I can't finish my work in time I can't move with her.

So....Some hard choices. I decided to limit myself to 15 hours a week of WoW. No dailies in the morning, no playing all weekend. 15 hours total. Farming, Raiding, leveling. This week (starting Tuesday) I already put in 4 hours for our BT raid. I plan on raiding Thur and Sun. That will probably be my full alotement.

Unfortunately Blizzard doesn't have a 'total hours of WoW a week' option, but it does have a handy play schedule you can make, restricting your (or your kids) playtime to certain times/days. So thats what I did, excluding from 1am to 6:30 pm every weekday. We'll see if I can keep this up or just need to go cold turkey.

I obviously enjoy playing, but I need to prioritize. If I wasn't raiding I would probably stop play all-together.

I feel its a vicious cycle for two reasons. 1) There is always more stuff to get. Always another piece of badge gear you can get with just one more Kara run (4 hours). Always another piece of Arena gear you can get with just one more week (1 hour). Etc etc etc. The game is really good at giving you feedback towards your goal, and at end game its something like this. Put in a full week (10 hours) of farming/dailies to make a piece of super epic gear. Put in 10-20 hours of battlegrounds to get one piece of gear. Put in a full raid night and hope to come away with a piece of gear (or not). But all this takes time. Many people have an entire PVP set, they must have spent hundreds of hours at 70 just doing BGs and arena. Most raiders have spent tons of time progressing through heroics, kara, ZA, etc.

2) To raid, you need a ton of consumables. My costs are between 100g and 200g a night. We're doing progression, you can count on dying alot. I think i spent 100g in repairs last night. Plus ammo, plus food, plus pet food, plus flasks. A fel mana pot is 5g of mats. I used 20 of them. A flask of relentless assault is about 40g, I used one. Etc etc. If you dont do dailies you are quickly going to go broke. I have enough saved up such that I will go as long as possible without wasting time doing dailies. I think i can go two months without. That's just if you buy it. I can farm my own mats for potions, but that takes time. I spent half an hour trying to farm last night, i got like 3 teracone for my efforts (the zone had 2-3 other players trying to find the same stuff, not going to work).

3) The biggie (to me) . If you log in for an hour on each toon you can do your dailies and make 100g per toon. (thereabouts). I ended up wasting so much time online just aquiring gold,(which you need to advance), whereas I could be working and being productive. "Its just an hour" quickly becomes "Its just 3 hours" and now you've wasted 20 hours a week doing dailies. I'd rather spend in game time on friends and doing fun stuff, not wasting time getting gold or BG honor. I would absolutely love for Blizz to have weeklies, do the quest once a week, get double the reward or whatever. Dont force people to log in every day on every toon to do dailies blizz!


Greta said...

I've thought about using the Blizzard cut off times to limit myself. I definitely spend way more time then I mean to playing this game. Funny that 15 hours is "limited" and that would still count as a part time job. If I actually logged how much I played in a week, I would die of embarrassment. but still there are people in my guild that are on even longer hours then I am. yes, I think we are probably all addicted.

Faradhim said...


Don't worry about other people. There will always be more who has more time than you, level faster, or have more money. Set your own goals/pace and enjoy yourself. Otherwise game will feel like another job. Remember, "the race is long and at the end is only with yourself"