Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ending the addiction?

Powerful article. I think at least half of the WoW population is addicted. I make efforts to cut back, but right now my life is so messed up and extremely stressful, this is the only thing I know that helps me cope. Anyway I am hoping once life becomes untangled I will be able to destress better.


Dunhear said...

Definitely worth a read — and it can really give you pause.

I'm the same way in that I use the game as a method to de-stress. I need something that makes me think about something other than work, and WoW has been one of the few things that can occupy my brain enough to do that.

To avoid getting into the "MUST RAID" mindset — I've been doing Kara, Gruul's and Mags on my shaman and starting to on my Shadow Priest while my tried and true hunter basically just farms and makes gold — I've created an alternate little game within the game.

It serves as a reminder that sometimes just doing goofy things — without any hope of "phat loot" but having a good time with friends — is what this is all really about.

Dun and Clank

Gibbiex said...

Agreed, i've basically gotten all the 'phat loot' i want from the game. My druid doesn't have an epic flyer, and i don't see that happening until after Wraith (unless they reduce the price). I stopped raiding on my hunter, heck i don't even log on to it any more. I stopped playing my alts. Nowadays I do a few dailies on my druid, and do quests with my wife. I'm thinking of doing retro dungeons on my druid just for fun. But the elements of the game that are a time sink/frustration source I've stopped doing.