Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hit 70 and nothing to do!

Well, not quite.

I absolutely love being 70, I love the money influx (3000g in two weeks...probably more like 4-5k if you count mat costs?), I love leveling my profs (I'm now 375 LW, 359 enchant). But....I like to get more enchant patterns, but they are rep based or drop in instances. And i can't get an instance to save my life.

Right now the main thing I can do with my druid is either do quests with wife for cash, or farm for mats for my gear. Arena is probably out until I find a partner or make the LW set (plus my uber Gloves of Living Touch) BGs are very painful (10-20 hours for a item? Pls) Kara is out obviously. I can't find people to run instances with (even as a tank). Yes there is alot to do at 70, but right now...not so much for me until I can get the gear, which requires some hard quests which I need help with.

I wish...I wish i wasn't stuck on this server, I wish my best friend's horde guild could switch server and faction (or me visa versa), I wish more people were around to play with, i wish people would be willing to help out guildies...Last night 30 people were on, none could help. I think people are burned out in this current guild and maybe server (and maybe overall). Nobody wants to run the instances, etc.


Faradhim said...

Your expectation is too high. Lower them and you will be pleasantly surprised. :-)

Gibbiex said...

Hah. Okay. My expectation is that since I can both heal and dps and tank, I could find a group, but not so, in a guild of over 100 70s. My expectation is that after a year of playing together my 'friends' would be around to help (not you, dear friend, my alliance guild). I think I should either go guildless or start a new guild (which I dont have the energy for). Or stop playing the druid.

My feeling is that very few people are leveling any more, or are puttering around on a zillion alts at level 20.

Dogma said...

I've noticed a very similar thing with my guild at the moment. Some long term members have gone off to give AoC a try out, others have decided that raiding is the only thing that they want to do...and when not raiding they just concentrate on dailys for gold to pay for pots, flasks and repairs.

As for me, my main (70 Hunter) is pretty much just a sugar daddy to fund my alts. I've also felt a little burnt out from doing the dailys, especially since getting exalted with SSO.

I do however remember that there was a noticable drop in guild/server activity before TBC went live too.
So maybe things will improve when WotLK hits us too.

In the mean time, I'm working on a few alts at lower levels...especially my new Hunter, it's good to know exactly how to play him, and also to know how far I can push him with regards to soloing higher level mobs....and due to my servers inflated economy, his mining is proving to be very profitable.

Finally, it's my first visit to your blog (found the link in BRK's blog)....enjoyed having a read and it's now bookmarked!

Keep up the good work

Faradhim said...

It is all about outlooks. People think alike tend to gravitate toward each other. I think you are in the wrong guild. Most of your guild member have moved on from leveling while you are still doing that.

For example, we have 5 level 70s in my horde guild and no one is playing them. Everyone is leveling alts (many ex-raiders) and we are all around the same levels 45-60.
Everyone seem to be having a great time doing it each night. The g-chat is incredibly silly and humorous. Although we don't put an emphasize on running instances it tend to happen more spontaneously.

I would suggest you looks else where where people have similar outlooks comparing to yours. Got another idea for you, play your lock! At least I will be around for 1.5 - 2 hours a night.