Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 14

Settling into a rythm. Played more wow last week, probably 10 hrs. This weekend I played both Fri (day off - played 5 hrs), and Sat night/Sun night, 2 hrs each. Weekend was just insanely busy, with helping friend move for 10 hours, gardening/house work on Sunday, Mon 5am drive friend to airport, today i have class...I am guessing i wont play tonight, wed is iffy, thur is unlikely. Fri hopefully. Sat is the gnaked gnome race. I don't feel like the game is taking over my life like i once did; thats positive. We're eating proper dinners once again, and taking walks and the like. Hopefully we'll get into a 'nightly at 9pm' routine. I'd be happy with that.

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