Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 4

Day 4 of not much WoW.

Mon, Tue: Got in fairly late Tue, we made dinner on Mon and Tue and actually sat at the dining room table (2nd and 3rd time we used it). Then watched TV, read, went to sleep. No WoW.

Wed: Made dinner again I think (memory hazy), watched NCIS. After that I did a Naxx raid, showing up 1.25 hrs late (i forgot they moved the time). We did alright, got the last two bosses on spider down. My dps inproved to 2500 on boss fights.

Thur night i got in so late i was eating dinner, watching NCIS, then bed.

Tonight i hope to play with my wife and Jim. If that doesn't happen i probably wont play.

Sat night we're hanging with our friends, should be fun. Sun night, maybe wow, maybe not.

So far just one hour of wow since monday! I'm hoping to spend less than 5 hours a week playing.

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