Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 21

Hah, 3 weeks and i'm off the bandwagon. Wife and I decided to not do too much this weekend, so that left alot of wow time. However, i did manage to spend most of the daylight hours doing non-WoW stuff (tons of yard work to do, studying, etc) Spent all of Fri, Sat, Sun evenings WoWing though. Did a bunch to help the guild out, but as far as progression didn't seem like much. We did Uldaman, the 3 of us (jen, jim, me), on Fri night, that was tons of fun. Almost feels like we have a cohesive group. We just blew through Uldaman, it was pretty funny. Jim would AOE concencrate, jen and I would AOE dps, and they drop like flys. Drink, rinse, repeat. We blew through in a bit over an hour.

Sat night was supposed to be the naked gnome run, only had like 2 ppl online and ready to do it, so we postponed it. I spent a few hours preping for it and transfered alliance pets over (the profit margin as expected is extremely low). Spent most of sat afternoon running through BC instances (underbog and SP) on the hunter, to get skins to make mining bags (for the gnome race and also my DK).

Sun early morn, Tsu helped me do a few group quests in dragonblight on my accursed warlock. Sun evening I spent alot of time on, playing the DK, then running guildies through sunken temple. God that place is long! Took about 3 hours i think. Not sure. However its good for level 50, our small group should be level 52 I think, at least. There are a ton of quests in there too. Hopefully we can move on to zulfarak next weekend or two. Druid is now41 or 42, DK is now 66. DK is still insanely fun, and the BOA shoulders now give 10% exp for both quests and monsters, so that makes leveling even faster (i kinda don't like leveling) Probably this week i'll be busy studying and the like, so not much time for WoW. But yeah probably spent 20 hours total last week playing. Oh well. Next weekend i imagine we'll be doing other stuff instead.

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Faradhim said...

You mean uldaman? You made it sound like we three manned Ulduar, the new raiding dungeon.