Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sorta. I played for 2-3 hours last night. I finally got done everything I could possibly do and was mentally exhausted by the time i got home. So i played my druid, leveled until out of rested (god that was quick), then switched to my alliance druid. Things sure are quiet nowadays! I finally got into a heroic VH run (after 30 min of sitting around dalaran - an eterinity for a healer) , and what do you know, i got an achievement for doing all the bosses in VH.

Then I decided to try and do wintergrasp, and of course alliance won. It was close though, the horde made 3 separate breeches. I ended up with the top healing for the raid group i was in. All i do is spam heals. Managed to get 3 WG dailies done, that's 40g easy.

Finally tried to do naxx, got into a group with the last two bosses left. Okay,fine. The usual sitting around and waiting for the group to form, then one shotted the dragon sarth, what do you know, nobody had frost resist gear. In fact the top dps was 2200, and the next was 1500 dps. Anyway got the 100 club achievement. We tried KT but the pug dps were idiots, and after one wipe I knew it wasn't going to happen. The healers were going OOM, two of us were very well geared, the other not so much.

To add insult to injury, i hearthed back to dalaran to repair (never did the dragonblight quests), asked for a summon, and the screechy girl said something about people being fat and lazy. I called it quits then and there, at 11pm. There were two warlocks in the raid, not to mention the summoning stone. I was one of maybe two or three people who were geared appropriately. So, at least i wasn't up past my bedtime playing wow. I felt really bad about leaving, but the girl just killed the game for me. Oh well. I want to do a naxx clear this week so i may do that on my druid.

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