Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 7?

I lose track!

Friday: Ran home, went to Sears, got some toys; A tool chest, and a lawnmower, and a grill, at long last!!! They are delivering next saturday, i can't wait. The garage will be clean finally, and we can get to work on the lawn finally.

Was supposed to play with Jim, it was unclear so I didn't log in until late (sorry!). Once i got on the guild was doing a heroic HOL. The tank and healer were undergeared I guess. It was a wipe fest, but hopefully people got something out of it. I enjoyed hanging with my friends, and i guess it doesn't matter if we wipe a zillion times or not. Yeah its frustrating, but what can i say. The tank isn't all that great but she's a good person. Would rather play with a good person but bad tank vs a tank with attitude (20 million of those running around). Spent about 2 hours then finally bailed at midnight!

Weekend was just jam-packed with non-wow stuff. I was at work all saturday, doing some needed experiments. Then ran to our friends house for a 'finale' dinner.

Then home, and finally WoW! Jim was on, so we tore through STV. Thank god, i really think i would have given up on the game if he wasn't there to help me level. Its pretty bad at that level, just takes alot of time and patience, neither of which I have. I think we spent about 2 hrs on sat night, i got a whole level out of it when all said and done.

Sunday, insanely busy. Friends came over, dropped off their cats (they are showing their house alot, which means alot of work to get the cats to a safe place. We stick them in the garage). We went to lunch (Jimmy Johns, which we decided was pretty bland), then Home depot, spent a small fortune on plants (hopefully they will last through the unexpected freeze tomorrow night). Then, hair cut, and grocery store. Got home, put in the plants, raked some more (it's a never ending cycle, but at least all the dead leaves are finally off the oaks out front). Then homework (did this alot over the weekend), wife made cookies, i made soup for lunches, NCIS with dinner, and more homework until 11 and bed. Whew!

Oh, and i totally forgot the bike ride! Sat evening around 6, after repairing the garage door again, and finally getting the front derailor on my wonderful carbon bike fixed, i took it out for a 10 mi ride. The longest in a year! I'm so excited, because I missed the big ride of the season on saturday apparently (i didn't know about it, and was working). Felt really good to be back on the bike, and my muscles are telling me i got a good workout out of it. I rode down the only street with a bike lane in durham (as far as i can tell). Was a major 6 lane road, lots of traffic, but at least a bike lane).

Tonight probably dinner, NCIS, more homework. Tomorrow, class, wed maybe raid? Who knows!

So far this week, about 6 hours spent on WoW. Much better than previous weeks.

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