Monday, April 27, 2009

Ugh, swamped

I think all that is keeping me sane now is knowing I can log in and play my DK. This weekend was pretty good as far as not playing much. I was working all saturday, didn't even log in. Friday was our usual 3 man run, this time to ZF. I think this is what I look forward to every week, in game orr out. Sunday, was pretty busy until late afternoon and evening, and I got to play my DK and help guildies out. I am trying to get cooking up to make fish feast, so i can sell it on AH for hopes ofa profit. This may be a forlorn hope.

I ran HOL for the GL's new warrior tank. I organized and ran a gnaked gnome race from start area to booty bay to crossroads. Only 5 people showed up, but i think everyone had fun. I made sure that people didn't get horribly lost or frustrated, and handed out a bunch of nice rewards.

I woke up in the middle of the night. Nowadays when i'm up it takes several hours to go back to sleep. What else to do but play my DK! I dinged 70 at 5am, after about 40 hours played. The leveling from 60 to 70 is just insanely fast now. I did most of the hellfire quests, most of the terrokar quests, and maybe half of the nagard quests, and I was 68. Go over to borean tundra, i've maybe done half (probaly a third), and gained two levels. However, the leveling time is now doubled (from 69 to 70 its 750k xp, from 70 to 71 its 1500k xp). So, its going to take a while, but maybe just 5 hours per level. Need to work on getting an epic mount now!

My goal this week is to login at 9pm for an hour or two of fun, otherwise i am going to go insane.

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