Monday, May 18, 2009

Promotions and things

My best friend and I have long sorta co-managed our guild, and seen it rise in prosperity to heights we never dreamed about. However he's been feeling pretty burned out (like so many of us), and we decided to pass off the reins of leadership to me. So for the first time in 3 years of playing I'm in charge of a real guild. Things haven't changed much, we still have our raid leader doing naxx, and i'm doing the older raids. I still manage the bank. Now i have a bit more flexibility in that regard. So...things haven't changed too much yet. If it does then I will have to delegate more. Unfortunately people still come to the old GL for problems. I'm not sure how to go about that, maybe a MOTD saying 'gibster is the new GL, please see him for any problems'.

Other news. Wife has been studying like crazy, so i'm stuck at home playing wow when not doing chores or other things. Lately i've been getting my DK ready for endgame, getting funds for the epic mount, getting my jewelcrafting up. All of those things take time, and the economy is continuing to collapse. Last night I bought 10 flasks for 10g each on alliance side. Prices are really depressed there. I'm up to 4300g on my bank, and I did a ton of dailies on the hunter, so 600g there or so. I need 6000g for northrend flying and epic mount on DK, and my druid isn't too far distant from 80! Probably the best way is to find a nice quick circuit of dailies to do every da, but they are so boring now!

I'm up to 200 mining and JC, things have gotten better there. Previously I was spending 5 or more gold per point. The leveling guides at wow professions which I usually use are really bad, and many of the recipes are insanely expensive (for example 8 truesilver bars for a green neck). JC is insanely expensive to level. I can't say anything about enginering or blacksmithing, but it's the worst i've leveled (tailor, LW, enchant). The bright point is everything is disenchantable and you can make something off it. Plus the greens tend to sell decently, but at prices so low they are close to the disenchant price.

I think another week or two (probably two) will see me with enough for an epic flyer, and with JC/mine at 300. Then i can go around outlands and level up pretty quickly (hopefully).

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