Monday, May 18, 2009

Sucky guilds

I've been playing my alliance druid lately, just for fun stuff to do in groups. I love being able to get a group easily, and usually will log in enough to try a raid or the daily heroic. Last night I did the daily heroic, hVH, pretty easy, then i was about to log and a raids desparate cry 'need resto shaman or druid for last two bosses in 10naxx'. So, okay, whatever. It was some scrub guild's first naxx clear. Well, first being carried I mean. How do I define scrub?

1) No feast. I mean really, great feast is 30g per stack of 20. It's not that much for a quick raid buff every attempt.
2) No frost resist gear at all. I can see if people were so well geared they dont need it, but for a first attempt? Basically 'we want to be carried by pro healers and are too lazy to get the best stuff we can'.
3) Horrid dps. I mean just horrid. The best guy was 1800 dps. Sar the dragon took 10 minutes, I battle-rezed two people. Standing in the fire, you name it, they did it.
4) Dont run back after wipe. Really, your PUG healer would be glad to rez you (only one guy did this, and got called out).
5) Dont listen to the insanely long strat explanation (like literally 15 minutes for KT or whatever the last bosses name is).
6) Loot. Jesus. Okay, fine, i understand the maly key is for the guild. But when your PUG healer wins stuff which is an upgrade, its not acceptable to say 'can we get this for our sucky guildmate'? And don't go on and on about your stupid pixels. If you are at all competent, you will see that stuff again and again.

See, that doesn't make you any friends, and good luck getting more PUG healers for your fail guild.

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