Thursday, May 7, 2009

The broken arena treadmill

My buddy and i were pretty good PVEers, but never got about 1500 (hunter/druid). It seems there are several glaring issues for arena.

1) Obviously, it should be a separate client/server platform in total (ie a separate game, executable, and code base). this allows the devs to tweak the classes separately. No more would you have spell X doing A in PVE and B in PVP and trying to come up with mechanics to make it so that the item is useful in both cases.

2) Since they really want to separate arena and PVE so much, splitting the code would satisfy both. If they dont have enough forseeable revenue from arena, I would say that's indicative that WoW people are not really interested in arena.

3) The treadmill is broken. In PVE you go from quest gear, dungeon gear, heroic gear, and raid gear, in that order. In BGs only a handful of items are available, and the transitino should be starter set -> battleground set -> arena set. Running arena should not be a prereq to get BG gear.

4) If you set into the arena and get blown away because of crappy gear and a crappy comp, maybe its your fault but its not something you can change easily. Some classes just suck at arena, and they keep changing this all the freaking time. In s2/s3, druids were king, now they are pretty bad. I mean, what are you going to do, reroll another toon and powerlevel to 80 so you wont suck at arena? Is that realistic for anyone who has any sort of life?

5) The treadmill is broken part 2. In PVE you can get away with being undergeared for the encounter providing you are skilled, have someone who is better geared, or have consumables to offset the gear issue.

In arena, you set into the arena with your bad gear and your bad comp, and are probably inexperienced to boot. You lose, alot. You have a 1000 rating. You can get no gear, no loot, no nothing. You can switch teams but that doesn't help much. Not many who are totally geared are going to want to partner with someone who isn't geared. The teams that started early and are at the top are going to remain on the top, and there isn't much you can do, except reroll, get a good comp, and practice hard, and in 2-3 months get good enough gear to start winning more than you are losing.

Gear is such a huge issue that classes who have no business beating others in duals can get totally destroy people who are undergeared. For example, i have no PVP gear. I only have a small chance of criting anyone in PVP gear thanks to resiliance. My dps versus a geared person is much lower than it would be against a target dummy. The geared person has no such problem, and even has better dps than they would normally. The inbalance is two-way.

Anyway TL;DR arena is pretty broken, but i have no qualms against arena people, its just not how i want to spend my time due to it being an extremely unfair system.

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