Thursday, May 21, 2009

toon updates

It's thursday!

Yeah i dont know what that means either.

I've been playing my druid lately; did an awesome run of ZF Monday at level 49 as cat dps (had a tank and a healer surprisingly), and we just tore the place up. We finished in 45 minutes, which is just awesome for that group. The longest thing was the staircase event. They *really* need to accelerate that event, it just got boring after a while. Anyway I was pretty stuck at 49, I did some quests in Feralas; while they were easy, they were green, so I only got maybe 1/4th of a level. There were two quests way up where feralas meets desolace that i finished just before going to work in the morming, and that gave me a nice half-level or so.

With all that and random running around with simple things I dinged 51 this morning, and quickly ran out of rested experience. I'm now in ungoro, i have a few more quests in tanaris to finish up, then I plan to blow through un'goro, maybe go to silithis or felwood, then winterspring if needed, then off to the dark portal! Yea. I'll be thrilled when that happens. I think i will just play through, unrested, for this stretch. It's going so quick that it's hard to keep rested and I dont feel like playing only a few hours a week. At 51 I finally got mangle, and my dps doubled! Was crazy-insane.

My DK is now 75, i haven't played him in a while, not leveling. I've been mining/JC on him, may do that this weekend if there is time. I'm actually pretty busy at work. I have 4600 gold saved up for his epic flyer, need another 1600. After the epic flyer I want to level JC to the max, then I will switch my druid to herb/inscription. I know herb is very easy to level, and I bet inscription is too. I'm making about 500g a week doing all sorts of things; recipes, selling greens, etc. Surprisingly leather is nearly worthless (or i guess not surprisingly). It's 10silver for thick leather, and maybe a silver or two for heavy leather. I was thinking of going LW for the druid but decided the one buff for bracers isn't really worth the loss of an income that LW brings.

I've been reading all the auctioning blogs, haven't come accross any sure fire ways to get rich (there is none), but what strikes me is that the guys who bother to post and check everything they get, the income generation is pretty small. One blogger (name eludes me) has a strategy where you just use the auctioneer batch post, and post in thousands per day. His idea is 1) scan the AH, 2) batch post everything. 3) profit. I did try this for a while but maybe my settings are wrong, the suggested price is always much more than the going price.

All I can say is, find a nitch, exploit it. My nitch is enchanting scrolls and frostweave bags. There is enough profit on those to not go broke. Also I buy dirt cheap from people in trade and resale a few days later. Recently for example I bought 10 flasks for 10g each, and sold them all for 20g on Wednesday. Nice simple profit for me. Also I bought alot of armor vellum 3. Hopefully I'll break even here.

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