Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Toon updates!

Druid is 53.5! I played him a bunch this weekend, well by a bunch i circled ungoro several times and ran part of two huge instances, BRD and ST. The ST run happened last night, it was great. I got 3 of my 4 quests done, including the druid quest. I didn't gain as much as I thought; i'm still only 53.5. I got half a level out, whereas I expected a full level. Anyway I may try to get the other quests and go back in. It was fun to be in a full group of appropriately geared people. Well except the hunter. And the warrior bailed at the first pull, idk why. We didn't even wipe yet. (We only wiped twice).

The hunter was a complete idiot. (linked is his armory profile). Lets look. Survival, okay. Notice the tons of trap talents? Which would be great if he could trap. His method of crowd control was distracting shot! (which is a ranged taunt, really useful for getting mobs off the healer). Never a trap was thrown down. The best part! The best part was when I remarked on his +spell damage shamy gear, and he said he had a alliance warrior at 80, and I asked if the warrior had the shammy gear too, and he said yes! To be fair, he was probably a twelve year old boy playing his first toon (the alliance 80 was either ebayed or probably just as bad). But apparently this guy lives in instances and run throughs. I don't know what his dps was (from now on i am running recount), but it had to be minisicule, due to his constant meleeing.

Anyway. My DK, i blitzed through jewelcrafting/mining (now at 420/397 i think). God that was a pretty tough grind, until outlands with an epic flyer (i sprung for that plus the uber expensive bird). Some kind guildie left a bunch of northend green quality gems in the bank, and i burned through them. Turns out they don't sell for much, only a few gold, cut. Which is a shame I guess. I didn't bother selling the outland green gems, and the blue gems I didn't even cut, uncut they sell for 3g each or so. Worthless. The huge money sink or profit engine occurs at thorium, where a full stack is 60g and the gems are 15g each. I made about 1000g back right there. I don't want to think how much i burned through, probably only 1000 or 2000g.

Oh, and I did ulduar10 (just flame leviathon) on my alliance 80 druid. I joined a new guild, forte. They are a pretty heavy duty raiding guild, but they raid at 9 EST, which is far too late for me (unless i go insane and decide to be up til 2am). That was super fun, going to try to get the horde guild to do it, its pretty simple and good gear drops. Looking forward to playing more with the alliance guild, but so far they just seem to do the raids.

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