Friday, May 8, 2009

Random gold tips

I think with all suggestions it is strongly dependent on your server. On our server for example, dust sells for 5-6g each, and greater cosmic sells for 10g. Heavy borean leather sells for 100g. However, its difficult to move this because it's not used much in high level LW recipes. Nerubian chitin is a different story through.

The two main things that always seem to be true are:

a) fragments will always sell better than wholes (ie motes/primals).

b) Farming up mats, make it into epic stuff that sells regularly is highly likely to be profitable. Nowadays the frozen orb market is crashing pretty fast, those are still used for LW and tailoring enchants.

c) Bidding will work maybe 10% of the time. So what. It usually results in a significant profit for you.

d) Recipes still sell pretty well, its a very steady business.

e) Certain types of cloth are highly profitable. Wool on horde side sells for 10g a stack sometimes. Silk you can't give away. Mageweave is decent. Runecloth is very common (thanks to all the DKs). Netherweave is surprisingly profitable.

You could go to many farming spots at many different levels and grind mobs and make about the same amount of profit, 100-200g per hour.

f) The isle of QS dailies are not to be underestimated, even at 80. An hour or less doing the dailies results in 30-40g from the dailies but more important 3-4 stacks of netherweave, and a bunch of greens.

g) You are always going to do the best with what makes a continual steady profit than looking for that one customer who needs what you can sell for a substatial mark up. For example, some of my enchants that i powerleveled to 450 with still have not been sold, 4 months later. Likewise with the beginner 80 epic pieces. I finally sold my hunter two-piece set. Probably made 600g. But it took a month to sell those things. That cuts into your profit margin substantially.

h) Enchants are a mixed bag. Sometimes you'll get the most money selling the greens. Leveling greens always always sell for 5g if they are useful. Ditch those that have just +spirit or +mp5 or whatever. And sometimes you can DE stuff for profit, like armor at level 74-80 for 10g each. Sometimes you can put those mats on the right enchant scroll and make profit, but many of these scrolls are not valued. Also many of the high end ones need abysal shards. You would be crazy foolish to buy those shards at 100g to put into an enchant ,where the top guilds have stacks and stacks of these in the gbank. You really have to know your customer - top end raiders, to do well in this market.

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