Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hunters post 70

This is basically a QQ post in reply to this missive at massively.

I am in almost exactly the same situation, but I have a guild. I leveled my hunter to 70 with a casual guild, we didnt' do much instances, as in 5 people of the same level. Further since I'm a hunter it was hard to find PUGs for anything. I ran ZA and ST a bit, and that was it for pre-BC instances.

Post BC, basically same thing, just did a handful of instances until 70. After about a week of /played at 70 I finally finished all the quests you can do solo. Finding a group for the 3,4,5 man group stuff is just a PITA, i have a good dozen of those quests in my queue that will probably never be done. Its so hard to find people at the exact same point of progression that it's just impossible to find a group. If you do find a group, then chances are most people inthe group won't get anything out of it, ie they dont have the quest, or have already done it. To do the Ogri'la stuff, you need to do 4 or so 5 mans, i did manage to get it done one night and spent like 6 hours doing it. At least you can do the skyguard dailies for a bit without requiring the group work.

To my mind, Blizz has really set a very hard barrier between people who want to enjoy the post-70 content, and those who will spend literally all day playing to get a few quests done (or really, waiting around to get group members to get quests done). It takes so much more effort at 70 to get the gear you need to advance, but the difference is huge. I think I doubled my dps, and I know I can double or triple it again, just due to gear. (think about that, a fully epiced player being 5 fold better than a newly minted 70).

Then there's the issue of the Hunter, where you are scorned and can't find a PUG to save your life (how many PUGs say 'just need hunter and gtg'), then you show up in the high end stuff and find out you have no idea how to play in a group, because you never played in a real group. For example, I ran some people through slave pits, it was a complete joke. We were doing stuff that would wipe you in five seconds flat in a heroic, but since you are basically 10 levels above the mobs, you can practically solo it. We finished in in about 30 minutes. Then you get to heroics, and wipe on the first trash mobs, and realize you have no idea how to play your class.

But fear not, there is a demand for hunters at 70. freeze trap becomes hugely important, in some cases you are the only method of crowd control your group has. And hunters are usually #1 in DPS, so without us the raid wipes because they cant kill bosses.

Anyway, long rant, but yeah end game is very hard, and a huge time sink if you let it. But if you can afford to play two days of 5 hours then you can run kara. You will need to find a guild who is willing to help you get attuned, there is no other way (in my mind) to do the attunement. But if you have at most 10 hours a week to play, you can do the high end stuff. It helps if you can find a group of similiarly minded people and make a firm schedule. Lastly note there is a ton of stuff to do at level 70, alot of it is repetitive but i urge you to check out PvP in battlegrounds, I found that to be alot of fun (especially AV). You just need to organize your time more, which is tricky.

So to sum, this is what you can do solo at 70.

1) Farm mats for profession leveling
2) Farm rep for certain factions (that don't require dungeons).
3) Play in Battlegrounds
4) Finish all those outland quests you didn't do (the new 2.3 makes it real easy to find quest givers, but beware that most quest chains have a point where a group quest is required (or several).

With two people, you open up a little more, now you can do Arena and 2man quests.

For raids, heroics, etc, you need 5 people obviously (or more).

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