Monday, November 12, 2007

Ogri'la attuned

Or whatever. I can do the Ogri'la dailies now. Last night we got a PUG and i dragged the best healer on the server, Red along. It took us something like 3 hours. Had to run 5 5man quests, pretty easy once you get there, but there's alot of running around. And waiting for ppl. At one point, two ppl took off to get to the video store, we spent 20' cooling our heels. What else could we do? I couldn't leave the grp, i needed the quests done. Anyway I asked Red if i could tip him 50g for wasting hours of his precious time, and he passed it up. So, yeah i'm all for tipping ppl, and I like the BRK note of throwing them a green or two (why i dunno, but it makes you feel good).

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