Sunday, November 25, 2007

Running WoW on WINE/Ubuntu?

I think i'll try this option at some point soon, my win64 setup is getting increasingly slow (yes, i defraged, uninstalled, etc).

Anyway if anyone is in the same boat, here are some resources.


2) Article talking about commercial WINE offerings, plus link to #3 in list.

3) Ubuntu WoW setup guide

4) WINE FAQ (of sorts) for Ubuntu

5) Using restricted ATI drivers for WOW

6) WOW WINE HOWTO for Ubuntu

Unfortunately all of these are out of date by at least a year. Will try to find something more current.

Update: I did get this to mostly work, following the instructions to add the restricted ATI drivers for 3D performance. The game, however, lacked sound (eventually I fixed that in the OS but not WINE by disabling onboard sound and just using my Audigy SE). Further, the resolution was odd, showing as a window and not full-screen. Lastly and more important, my character seemed to be stuck in a circle, something about the keyboard controls was very screwed up. Further work wasn't able to fix these issues (and actually made things worse, now i can't see the OS at all due to display issues).

Update2: Thanks to commenter, i got fullscreen to work. Run winecfg, in graphics tab, deselect "allow DirectX apps", select "Allow windows manager", deselect "emulate a virtual desktop", select "allow pixel shader". Also like he said get the applytoforehead mod.

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Erisse said...

Regarding your sound issues... if you are using ALSA sound make sure it's set to ALSA and only ALSA in winecfg (the Audio tab; make sure OSS and JACK aren't selected), and try playing around with the emulation settings. On mine I have Hardware Acceleration set to Full and Driver Emulation enabled.

I have also found that the game will go into a weird windowed mode if the game resolution (as set in is different to your X11 resolution, so change it in before you launch. (And BTW if you find the game crashes when you try and set video options ingame, get the ApplyToForehead mod.)

I am not sure about the keyboard issues, I have never come across anything like that... but have you checked the Wine AppDB entry?