Monday, November 19, 2007

Minimum Kara specs

Found this little gem of a site listing minimum Kara specs. (via One Among Many, from BRK linkage)

Here are the reqs for Hunters:


8000 hp, 6000 mana, 1450 ap, 17.5% crit, 75 hit

8000 hp, 6000 mana, 1750 ap, 17.5% crit 75 hit

For me, I have 7000 hp, 6000 mana, 1259 RAP, 19.8% crit, 48 +hit

Not bad, but RAP needs to go up (and +crit needs to go down i guess). Also +hit needs to go up. The problem is, the only place you can get this gear is heroics, everything else is a side-grade at best. And heroics will tear you a new one with this gear. So i pray arena season 1 stuff is released soon.

Found this discussion in looking for kara gear, may help some people. Also don't miss the BRK super-spectacular Kara gearing guide, although thats only for BOE stuff.

Also Kaliban's class gear list shows the best gear for the class. It's a bit limited, but useful!

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