Monday, November 12, 2007

Kara Keyed

This went down on Saturday I believe. Anyway I was bemoaning my lack of a Kara key while everyone was in Kara. (just the day before a cry went out for dps ppl needed in Kara run). Long story short, the ringers came out (apparently a reference to boxing), Crazy the best tank in the world, Minnx, the awesome lock, my good friends Soon/Jalee (whom i'm close to, been w/ them for months now), and me, the little Hunter. Anyway, we did 18 rounds of badness. Crazy tanked the main. Crazy tanked the adds. Crazy tanked the bosses. It was phenominal. I just pew-pewed the main, and really anything Crazy was hitting. We did it in one pass (well two).

Why two passes? To clear the trash in the beginning (soemthing like 60 gators and other swamp diezens), Crazy goes on runs to gather up a bunch, then runs back to us. I lay down explosive trap (remember, Crazy is a tanking god paly, so he does AOE threat grabbing), and Volley. Soon does his fire storm. Eveyrone else just prays Jalee can heal Crazy. Well it went well the first time (and i've never seen such AOE, with about 20 mobs around crazy), but apparently they were too much for crazy, couldn't heal him quick enough. So down he goes. Then they eat Soon (squish mage). Then, they come for me, #3 on hate list. Before i can say "oh fuck", i'm dead, 1 sec max. And everyone wipes in similar fashion, and we all haev a good laugh, cause that's some serious shit, tanking 20 elite mobs at once.

Anyway, BM is over, and i swear i'll never run that freaking instance again. 3 bosses, nothing dropped for me (and like BRK said, i passed everything, and even gave Jalee my silk so she can make, whatever)

BRK is god, really. He's got this shit down. I passed everything on this run, bc I knew my guildies had other shit to do than run me around and get me Kara geared. So ppl got 3 nice shards, and a bunch of crap greens (i didn't look). I got my key, most important thing.

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