Thursday, November 29, 2007

In kara

For the past two nights our guild has assaulted Kara. I think this is only the 2nd or 3rd time the guild as a whole had enough 70s keyed to do Kara. So it's a special event. Further (and amazingly), the 10ish people we have keyed to Kara is a good enough group distribution to do it. From the top of my head, 3 palys, (tank/dps/heal), 2 priests, 2 druids, 2 hunters, 1 lock, 1 mage. Something like that.

Anyway! I did my usual share of massive screwups, running into places i wasn't supposed to and causing wipes. But only once per night. The other times I died was because I don't know how to trap properly.

Onto the bosses.

Attunmen. Attunmen was a pain getting there. First there is a trash respawn timer, so you have to move quickly. Oh, and my deaths didn't help matters, as the entire raid had to stop, wait for my rebuffs, move on. Anyway there was a 6 pull or something in the last mobs before Attunmen, i did manage to trap my mob once, and again, but somehow i screwed up and he hit me once and i was dead. This is the sort of thing that gear would help somewhat, the kara gear has much more armor and +sta that what i have now. Anyway, we get to the Huntsman, we take down Midnight his horse readily, get to Attuneman plus horse, and he randomly attacks me, I'm pretty sure i didn't grab aggro. Down i go. I spend the next 5ish minutes watching them down attuneman, without a major dps provider (me). Anyway, Attuneman is the easiest boss there, so it wasn't too hard. Lo and behold these drop [Stalker's War Bands] (13% chance of drop).

Next up is Moroes. Our guild has had much difficulty with Moroes, but we did manage to down him the first night. After muliple wipe fests, usually because my or the other hunter's traps would fail, we got a winning combo. We had two priests that shackled the adds. The other hunter and I would swap out freeze traps on one mob, this way we could FT it indefinately. We had an off-tank handle moroes himself, while everyone else wailed on one add at a time. The key is not having anyone die while the adds are being cleared, since we needed everyone for it to work. Shackle and FT are i think the only way to CC the adds. (Wiki says Turn Undead will work but its not a good idea). So we needed 2 priests and two hunters for adds, plus palys for healing and tanking. The other major issue was the garrot, but since I'm a dwarf i wasn't affected by this (stoneform ftw).

Moroes dropped Emerald Ripper and a shamy totem. Nobody else wanted the ripper, and it's a decent hunter weapon, so I picked it up. Now i have to figure out what to do with it. If i can get another one it'd be well worth it to upgrade from my Crystal Warforged Axe. The dagger has a 15% drop rate, and its basically the only thing i could use from that loot table. Note that's two epics in two bosses. Luckly the other hunter has run kara so many times he's got almost everything from it.

After Moroes came Maiden, this was on first night too. We cleared trash up to her, no major problems. There were a few pulls that required some CC but we used shackle on em. No need for FT thank god. We wiped on Maiden 2x at 50%, not even close. The holy fire gave us alot of problems. We called it a night at 2am .

Day 2.

Day 2 was late late late, we zoned in around 11pm, after waiting 3 hours to find another dps (the other hunter had network issues but got them resolved later). Back to Maiden, but this time we had a alchemist who had cleansing pots. So i distributed those. We finally figured out the proper strategy, have tank tank her exactly in middle of room, while everyone else is on inside face of pillars doing dps or healing. That way we're all in range of healers and can get cleansed easily. Healers plus pots meant we solved the prolblem, and after a long while she goes down. I only got holyed at the very end, and shook it off. Maiden dropped some non-hunter crap. i don't think anyone used it, some shamy things.

We cleared up to Opera (mostly easy, a few wiped), and we got the Oz event. This required a good bit of work on everyones part. Well, except me, i didn't do much. I just stayed in place and brought em down. There are four mobs, one which can't be tanked (dorothy). Somehow she managed to avoid not killing me. I think she doesn't have an aggro table, so she must of latched onto someone who could handle her. Anyway she went down, then lion, then scarcrow, then tinman i think. I dont remember much of the tricks we used, our mage (soon) tried to tank the scarcrow but that didn't work, i think it got OTed. Dorothy dropped some non-hunter junk, we DE one, and i won the void crystal. This was at 2am. I thuoght we were done but apparently not. Since we did 4 bosses, the most we ever did, we proceeded onwards towards curator. We cleared trash up to him, but bottom line we didn't get a chance to take him down before trash respawns. At 3:30 or 3:45 am we called it.

Anyway, that's my Kara story this week. Got total of 3 purples, but the one that's useful right now is the mail bracers, and they only gave a bit more stats and more armor (but the armor is impt for surviving the occassional add hit when i can't get FD up fast enough. Oh the first day my total damage rank was #4, because of all the deaths i did plus the AOE mobs we cleared. On the second day my damage rank was #2 just behind the lock. So, pretty good dps from me, 630ish according to WWS. Of course i can stand to improve, the other hunter is doing about 800 dps i bet.

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