Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not quite Kara keyed

Been playing too much WoW, so i'm cutting back. Didn't get the Kara attunement finished. Guild ran me thruogh slabs, SV, Arca to get 3 part key. Then i didn't realize i needed to do Old Hillsbrad before Black Morass, so I did OH. Tried BM, wiped on it many times. Gave up. So I'M STILL NOT KEYED!!! Argh. Oh well, it'll happen. Meanwhile i finished almost all end-game solo quests, meaning i'm out of money basically (was main source of income). So now i either need to level herb, find grps to do grp quests, do the 5man quest to start netherdrake attunement, run instances to get gear and rep, or..oh wait thats it. But yeah i'm starting to feel its the beginning of the end for my long time friend Gibbiex and Kenny, her faithful pet boar. I'd be happier to get her into a kara grp. I'll have to see how i feel about it after taking a bit of a break.

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