Friday, April 25, 2008

2.4.2 hunter changes

Whole bunch of changes coming.

Most importantly the boar is dead, Blizz killed it. No longer will charge fire after growl, and no longer will pet AP add to growl threat. Instead growl bonus is based off hunter AP, and above 1200 its seen as beneficial. The PTRs have just opened so we don't know what this means yet.

Second, Aspect of Viper has changes slightly. This will give more mana while grinding at 70 (when its not an issue anyway), but not help too much in raiding (unless you are OOM and on pot CD, since you want to be in aspect of hawk most of the time anyway).

Here's my dirty secret. For kara, i almost always run with aspect of viper. We clear so fast I dont have time to drink between pulls. And we down the bosses anyway with plenty of time (Maiden fell in 1.25 minutes last time). So it doesn't matter if I dont do uber dps.

What does matter is that I don't pull aggro. No aspect of the hawk is about 10% less dps, and thus 10% less aggro. We ran last time without a play, thus no blessing of salv. I welcomed the change. I pulled aggro precisely once, whereas all other dps were falling left and right. They can't handle their aggro. I learned the hard way what happens when you don't (raid kick, guild kick threats). Personally I'd rather never run with salv, but that's not an option. Since i screwed up once, I'm forced to run with whatever they tell me to run with, whatever blessing they want to give me.

Anyway the third change is Beast scare is useful in PVP - 30 yard range, instant cast. So its good against druids now. So against druids we should actually be good again, whereas every other class will still have problems against druids.

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