Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gruul is down

Well we did our first gruul run (of course i can't find the screenie, will post it later). It was fun..i'm glad I did it. Pretty easy once you figure it out. I love the design, there is one trash pull before first boss, a boss with 4 mini bosses that have some unique roles (a mage tank, two hunters tank). After that, there is another one or two trash, then Gruul! So you have lots of time to figure out stuff. And the rewards are great, 10g from each boss, 3 tier tokens, and a random loot. The Dragonspine trophy, the ultimate in hunter trinkets dropped but I didn't get it. Maybe next time.

I think i managed to wipe the raid several times because I wasn't clear that I was not supposed to initiate the pull, but MD after the pull initiation. Well, can't have everything. Anyway, very fun and short. Hope Mag is like that too. I was disappointed that the guild split up afterwords (not disbanded, but everyone logged off).

This leads me to the next post.

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