Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rate the outland dungeons

From my comment on Fara's blog

haha, great! Black morass is much fun as well. Those are probably the two best instances in outlands. Lets see, if we had to rank em.

1) Ramps - its pretty much everyone's first OL instance, so i like it. give it 7/10.
2) Blood Furnace - I've only done this a few times. Its fun the first few times I think. 5/10
3) Shat Halls - This is a pretty tough instance with alot of tricks (the sewer, the gauntlet). Its really hard without a paly tank. Nobody likes to go there, esp on heroic. 5/10
4) Mag (25 man raid) Mag is a very short encounter, a few trash plus the boss himself. But the boss is very very long. It doesn't need to be so long (10 minute fight). 5/10

Serpent lake
1) Slave Pens - still a favorite, its the easiest of heroics. 8/10
2) Underbog - I dont know, i just like this instance. Its pretty standard fair for an instance, but nice scenery. 8/10
3) Steamvaults - the higher level instance, needed for kara key. Pretty fun, but i hate the first boss. (there is this whole trick about hunters doing misdirect for the first boss and it almost never works...its really hard on heroic. 5/10
4) SSC - the 25man raid. Fun so far! We're going back tonight

Auch - i havent done these much
1) mana tombs
2) crypts
3) Skek halls
6/10 for all of them, they didn't make much of an impression. Same old thing really.

Tempest Keep
1) Mechanar - fun, short instance. Lots of little tricks, all the bosses do wierd/unusual things. Easy on heroic. 8/10
2) botanica - kinda fun, unique anyway, but long... 6/10
3) ARcatraz...really quite boring, sorry. 5/10
4) The eye (25 man). Blah, the decore is horrid. I've only done loot reaver so far. 6/10 tenative
Keepers of Time
1) Durnhold (aka old hillsbrad)
fun, as noted 9/10
2) Black morass - very quick and simple, nothing fancy here. Either you have the dps or you dont (and you usually do now since the game is so old 8/10
3) Mt. Hyjal (dunno)

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