Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Raiding T5 level

Well, yesterday was another fun-filled raid. (sarcasm). Actually it was okay. But i had to rush home (5 min prior to raid start), wolf down food (J was kind enough to give me her reheated food, and turn on my PC and log me in). Meanwhile i nearly choke to death on the chicken because I didn't chew it throughly. Beyond that, things went okay. We downed Lurker Below and Hydross . So we are 2/6 in SSC and 1/4 in TK. Not bad!

We continue to have enough dps to get through the bosses, but that will come up short at some point (soon I'm guessing, since we are only doing one ZA raid a week, and I'm never allowed to go, for odd reasons). Anyway we are now doing 2 nights of 25mans and one night of 10 mans. They are talking about moving to 3 nights of 25mans and one night of 10mans. That's a bit much, and I don't see everyone going to all of this. I myself am happy with 2 nights of 25mans.

What dropped? This mail chest piece. Now, normally you would think, hunter loot. Well, turns out shammys like that too. We had 3 hunters, and the discussion went like this.

Me: Guys, you two bid for it (implying i wouldn't bid on it, even though its a huge upgrade).
Strat: nah it's not a upgrade for me.
Cuddles: Okay, i'll bid.
Me: Well since strat isn't going to bid, i'm going to bid 50 dkp.

At this point cuddles knows that if he wants it, he has to bid more than 50 dkp. This is fair. I'm telling him he can have it if he uses a bit of dkp (60). But we all forgot about the shammy, who had exactly 70 dkp, and did indeed bid 70dkp. So did Cuddles. Cuddles lost the role. Cuddles lost the item. But now Cuddles and I have over 200 dkp in T5 content, and we'll get whatever. Me, i'm wanting the T5 tokens asap so i can get the great bonus. So i'm saving for that. But since everyone wants the tokens too, i may have to wait a while. Particularly if I'm only doing 2 nights of content a week.

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