Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lurker below down

Lurker below, aka loot below, was downed on Tuesday. That makes 3 weeks of progression. We did it with 22 people, we were 3 short on dps. It took 14 minutes to down him. Whew that's a long time!

We wiped 5 times I think, typical for progression. He really is a easy fight though. He's got 3 tricks. One is a melee arc attack which throws people into water. If you aren't in melee range like me it's not a problem. Then he does his spout. Really easy. Lots of warnings for this. Just jump into the lake while he spouts. You can still pew-pew while in the lake. Every once in a while he spawns adds. This is when things get rough, we were so light on dps that we finally ended up leaving pets on islands, pet tank one mob, hunters trap the other. Then we could drop the island adds and then the melee adds. So once again hunters save the day, but my pet was useless the entire time, it was bugged and stuck in the water :( Now i know to put him on stay i guess. And just leave him on main island.

Anyway next up is Hydross!

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