Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The fun factor

At this point I'm not enjoying WoW too much, since I can't do instances anymore with friends (we are all different levels), my raiding guild doesn't do anything other than raid, my casual guild I play my druid with my wife (which i very much enjoy), and thats it. I did a PUG for Ramps and it was painful, everyone was so bad. We had a 67 druid who healed, and a 70 rogue. That's the only way we got through the instance. I wish there was a 'are you not an idiot' checkbox on the LFG form. I spend most of my time doing dailies, but there isn't a point, since I dont' have alts on that server to spend money on.

5 man instances are fun, but its so damn hard to get 5 people who are compentent at the same level as you. This is the major flaw in WoW I think, the level spread is just too huge. Want to play with your level 70 friend? Fine, devote 6 months of your life to get to 70, only to find that friend took off 3 months ago.

So, if you aren't having fun doing a hobby, time to switch hobbies. Many have taken a break in preparation of WOTLK coming out sometime this year. I have certainly cut back. My problem is that I like to do fun stuff for 30 min or so and doing the dailies is a way to do that. But the dailies by themself aren't all that fun since they don't lead to any sort of goal, only more money, which you dont need. If you want to quest and get stuff done, you need to spend an hour at least. For instances, at least two hours. I like the fact that the outland instances are short by and large, but if your group is terrible then its just going to be pain and frustration.

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Faradhim said...

Come back to your horde guildies! My hunter is 29, my warrior is 42, and my priest is 65. I am sure we can make some kind of accommodation for a 37 lock!

Now the guild is filled with burnt out raiders things seem to go a lot smoother.

Yes, the last I checked my (not an idiot) box is checked.