Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Screenies

Tapati (wife), Merca (Jim), and I do Scarlet Monestary (i'm in the middle, the cute Blood Elf)

The Beatles do Yetis

This requires some explaination. In order for me to grind the last levels of leatherworking (I'm LW/enchant, i can't skin, J's lock skins), we had to kill Yeti. Tons and tons of yeti. It got to be a comedic routine. Anyway, we were slaughtering yeti, and up comes these four night elves running around winterspring. I think it was a bot or a multiboxer or something, it was *wierd*. ANyway they happily slaughtered yeti and ran off to do other things (another reason why I think it was a power user of some sort, they often didnt' bother to loot the corpse, and never bothered to skin.)

Shreya (wife's char) (lock) and I (druid) enter the Dark Portal for the first time!

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