Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crafting leveling

I think by far the thing I am enjoying most about my little druid is that she has useful crafting professions, and both are over 300 (in TBC territory). Now she can make Assault enchant to bracers (+24 AP). This is actually useful! Its the best bracer enchant for dps types such as hunters and rogues. And pretty cheap. I sell it for 12g, the price of mats. I actually had my first client today, a level 50 rogue. I had to go to SW for him, but whatever.

With all the money i made over the weekend selling old enchant mats and recipes, I used to buy Knothide leather by the ton. I finally got enough to power through to LW 350, and made two Riding Crops. These babies aren't cheap, each requires a Primal Might and some enchant stuff (which I happen to have!). But I'm still a bit away from being able to craft these wonderful things. And of course now I am broke, but with two Riding crops, and something like 100 Arcane Dust.

Hopefully i can sell the Riding crops at least for a small profit (enough to pay for mats and a bit). I must say I was discouraged when I hawked it in the Trade channel and promptly got ridiculed for asking 5g above the AH price. Yeah, whatever. THe issue is that the kids in Trade don't understand economics and don't understand profit. Its very reasonable to make 10% profit on your goods, especially when it took thousands of gold in mats to reach that point. Anyway I hope to get to 365 via Riding Crops, and then I can make the Drums. Don't make the mistake of making more than one drum set (I found out quickly), they don't sell at all, because they require high level LWers to use anyway.

Drums of Battle - extremely useful in raids, such that top guilds such as Nilhium has everyone in the raid at 350 LW to use these things, so as to get the stacking haste benefit. In order to down the sunwell bosses, this type of thing is required. There is a catch though, you need to be honored with Sha'tar, which is fairly easily obtained because you can buy the marks right off the AH.

It's pretty cool, with my profs and my druid plan, I can easily get into T6 content if I wish. At T6 the resto druids really shine because of the huge amount of raid damage incurred. (As do Circle of Healing priests and resto shammys). But by and large my impression is that a Resto druid is hugely helpful in T6 content.

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