Tuesday, April 29, 2008

broke bear :( Or - How I learned to stop worrying and love the grind

My druid is enchanter/leatherworker, both in 300s. When my main left the server i dumped whatever i could onto my druid, hoping it would last until 70. Haha. We did manage to save enough for my wife and my level 60 mount, and enough for her 70 flyer. That said, I blew most of my remaining gold on a SSO pattern for resto druids. So I started the weekend with about 200g, absurdly low for me. So what to do.

Well, I could go and do old instances. I thought Mara would be fun. Ha! Mara is extremely long and annoying. I think it took us two hours to clear the place. Yeah, I needed my beloved lock with green ponytails to come help. It was fun though, we were so high level that we could walk by almost all mobs. At least we got to experience the place, i've never been, and neither has she. I probably wouldn't go as a group unless we had 3-4 hours to spend there. We didn't even finish, we got to the cavern before princess, and wiped because I got feared into a big mob group. No way would we spend the next hour running past all the mobs again. Probably should have soulstoned come to think of it. Oh well. That was the other issue, we ran out of soulshards since the mobs were grey to us. Next time we do this - bring a huge stack of soulshards. At the end I got 3 small brilliant shards that sell for 10g each. Not exactly an efficient use of time (we could have done our outland quests and gotten the same amount of dough).

Then I thought, well I'll do ZF , I know it very well, and its pretty short. I ended up dragging a 44 guildmate there, and we stealthed by most everything (kitty druid FTW). But again I couldn't do the bosses by myself, we got two down and the others were beyond us. Not enough dps i guess. Sad panda.

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Anyway! While doing all this running around, I amassed a ton of patterns from vendors scattered all over the place. Critical patterns at that (ie the cooking one for 275-300). And these all sell like hotcakes. Even the stuff in outlands, that you could grab in a five minute flight. I've sold tons of these in the last few days, and was up to 450 gold when i last looked. At this point I'm trying to just enjoy the leveling grind and profession grind. Hopefully i can hit LW 350 by the time the new patch hits and sell some riding crops, and at least break even.

So then I ran across this post and wrote the below as commentary. Pretty standard stuff, but i see this over and over again.

Well, you don't expect two epic mounts overnight right? It took me 2-3 months to scrape up enough gold for my epic mount. At the time, there was the skettis and ogri'la dailies. I did those every single day. Every day. That was 100g/day right there. Now if you want you could do the SSO dailies too, or alternate days SSO vs ogrila/skettis. Do this every single day.

Do you craft? Make stuff that's purple and sell it on AH (or trade), you should get some sort of profit, 100g is more or less typical.

Do you gather? Then gather. After dailies (and of course during). Those are the most efficient for time. Head to netherstorm and SMV and get the herbs. Or do mining runs.

Instances...if you can enchant and are 70 already, then maybe the old end-game instances are worth it. I know the dust/shards from 55-60 gear is really expensive, and enchanters need a ton of that dust to get through the last part prior to 300 (but you probably know that). I tried a few 40s instances, my druid was 63. I couldn't do it alone, and it wasn't an efficient use of time (2 hours plus repairs for 20-30g of stuff). You are better off doing your leveling quests that reward 2-3g each plus the ocassional green.

Lastly there is the traditional farming, slaughter mobs for greens/patterns. I would do this if you want a specific BOP pattern that drops off specific mobs. Ie the fel mana pot pat that drops of the BEs in SMV. Or there is always the elemental farming. This, I found, was not terribly efficient and extremely boring. I think i could make 50g per hour doing this.

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Faradhim said...

A quick note on Mara. There are two sides to this instance, purple and orange. It is very common for people to do this instance in two separate sessions. One for the purple side and the other for the orange side.